Friday, 17 September 2010

The Story so far

It started in late 2009.  Geordie Boy decided he needed a challenge and goal.  The discussion was over beer, and he suggested the Coast-to-Coast 190+ miles is not far.  Dunc readily agreed, in the belief that it would be forgotten overnight and if not, sense and realism would soon prevail.
Thats going right down my neck

Geordie Boy, was already retired.  Duncan was still trying to keep the ship of York Publishing away from the rocks.

Their knowledge and experience of walking was non-existent.  Neither had ever set foot in a Rohan or Blacks shop.  They thought Berghaus was a breed of dog.

Training started early in the New Year.  The first walk, in the woods of North Yorkshire, a gentle affair, in sensible shoes. We were not prepared to invest in boots at this stage.

Geordie Boy was mortified to find that Dunc had a pair of proper walking trousers.  Dunc was oblivious to the proper use of the trousers, having bought them at TK Max because they were cheap.  Never knew the pocket on the right hand leg was to fit a map.

The next day the Rohan shop in Chester sold everything in their range, as Geordie Boy kitted himself with the best.

Training days became more demanding and frequent around North Yorkshire and North Wales.  New words were introduced to our vocabulary such as wicking, camels, layers and garmin.  We can now read an Ordnance Survey Map rather than an AA road map.  Although the use of a compass is still a little troublesome.

A whole range of energy bars have been tested and evaluated.  We had forgotten Kendal Mint Cake ever existed.

We became captivated by Julia Bradbury, bought the DVD and avidly watched her over and over in her BBC series “Coast to Coast”.  We were love struck and she became our fantasy companion both for the walk and afterwards.  Only to be horrified to be told by reliable sources that she did not do the full walk, but was picked up by cars and helicopters and taken to the next filming location.  How could she do this to us, the bitch!

Less than a month to go, training is on schedule, rooms are booked, weight has been shed, equipment purchased and tested.

We are ready to go.  All being well, we will be updating this blog at the end of each day.

I cannot understand why anyone should be interested but my web guru tells me that it will help keep YPS towards the top of the Geordie ranking.

Like most blogs it will be self-indulgent and me, me, me.

Watch this space if you can be bothered.


  1. We'd like to hear the other side of the story. When are YOU going to post, Peter?

  2. As I told you on the phone, AW never did the whole walk in one either. He walked it in bits, with his wife picking him up at the end of each bit. Nevertheless it is a truly spectacular walk and could only have been devised by someone like me who is a walker. If you or any of your acolytes want other walking challenges, just get in touch.

  3. Good on you'll be spectacular and fabulous (there's a real 70s word). Hope the new found zeal hasn't dimmed the desire for a pint or two. Have a great walk. I'll be watching!

  4. Good luck dad..I will be adopting Julia Bradbury's style meeting you half way and at the end!

  5. Go Smithie!!!
    let me know if you need any washing or tidying up doing matey.!!!!!!!!