Friday, 29 October 2010

Post Script

Its all over, back at work and normality.
Is becoming a memory and difficult to believe it was us that did it. We were so lucky in many ways.
The weather the week before we went was dreadful and this week has again been wet and miserable.
For our two weeks the sun shone on the righteous, apart from the last day. Also as we were so late in the year we had the walk to ourselves, often we did not see any other people all day. I do not think it would have been as enjoyable if we had been part of a procession of walkers. We were turning the lights off behind us.
Because of age related memory loss, and because I can we have decided to make a book of our adventure. This will be both a printed book and an Ebook! This new technology does not frighten me (much).
So if anyone is now shy about any of their rude or cruel comments, let me know now.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Day 16 Grosmont to Robin Hood's Bay

We only had internet access for 5 minutes in Grosmont, so have not seen the blog for 2 days. It seems it was hijacked on day 14, with some great stuff – Trot what hidden talents you have.

Anyway we have finished, Geordie Boy has left me and returned to Chester. We have arranged to meet up again at Christmas 2012.

First the daily log, worst weather of the whole journey. We have been so lucky, we cannot complain of one day of cold, wind and torrential rain. Still had 14 miles to do, it was wet and boggy. But had a welcome break at the Foss Falls Tea Room, met two lovely ladies – who will now say something nice if they post a comment!

The last couple of miles are on the coastal clifftop, it was tough in gale force winds. When we got to Robin Hood’s Bay there was a great welcoming committee. I really am grateful to Pip and Paul for making the long journey to meet us. Also Jen, Mark, Shirley and Pauline – and for our gifts.

The sea was high and the slipway where you traditionally dip feet in the North Sea was roped off. We went over the rope only to be hit by a large wave. Also threw our stone from St Bees beach into the sea.

After the usual beer in Wainwright’s Bar, we all returned home.

Well that’s it we did it. Both of us cannot believe we have done it, and how good we feel.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the blog and to those who have posted comments. It has been fun for us and we thank you for the company.

If you are thinking of doing the Coast to Coast our advice is: Plan it, Book it, Train for it and do it. Its worth it.

There are no photographs today, cos Peter has taken the camera home. Will post some later, and hopefully a posting from Peter.

But as the say at the end of Loony Tunes

That’s all Folks!


Friday, 22 October 2010

Day 15 Blakey Ridge to Grosmont

Got to be a very quick initial posting. Arrived Grosmont Guest House, no wifi and no phone signal. However if we rush we can get to Grosmont Bookshop before it closes we can update.

Another bright sunny, but cold day from Blakey across the moors into Fryup Dale. Tom and Gill Barnes had arranged to meet us in the pub at Glaisdale. This being 9 miles from Blakey. We arrived right on schedule at 12.30.

After the usual beers and chips for lunch we set off on the final leg of the day to Grosmont. After about 200 yards we had the surprise of meeting Liz and Mal Greaves coming to meet us from the other direction.

So it was great to have company for the last 4 miles, all aches and moans forgotten – good to have somebody else to talk to! A bonus at Grosmont where there are steam trains. Dunc and Tom could go back to their childhood days of trainspotting and “cabbing”.

In haste to get to the Bookshop.

Last night, tomorrow Robin Hood’s Bay.

Dunc and Pete

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Day 14 Thursday: Great Broughton to Blakey Ridge

Our overnight accommodation last night was interesting, run by a lovely guy called Dave. However he is not your typical ‘mine host’.

He was great, picked us up and returned to the walk as well as taking us to the pub and back. He was well hard! We had on three layers of wicking, windproof coats and gloves. Dave had a short sleeved T shirt.

On familiar territory for us, easy walking on the bed of the old Rosedale Railway spur. Sun shining but the wind cut you in half. Got to Blakey by lunchtime, there can be nowhere better to spend an afternoon than the Lion on Blakey Ridge. The rooms are great, long radox soaks for both of us, (separate baths, separate rooms!).

The miles are catching up on the legs, but there is certainly another 30 miles left in them. We talked about what we would do on Sunday, it will be strange not having to put boots on.

Thanks to Paul (webmaster) for his posting and everyone else in cyber land for supporting us. It would be great to see anyone who can make it to Robin Hood’s Bay. If we have any money left, we will buy you a half.

The bar of The Lion is now calling us.

Dunc and Geordie Boy

Approaching the end of a Journey

Journey, everyone’s on a Journey, even the Strictly Contestants.

Anyway our duo are nearing the end of the story so far, their last night together will be in Grosmont at the Hollins Lodge. (Unless they have booked somewhere in Whitby?)

Then they should walk on the Saturday 23rd October the classic route to Robin Hood’s Bay. 
I will confirm this.......

Anyone wanting to join in the custom of walking into the Sea will be welcome.

Walk is around 14 miles, so at the beach by 3pm maybe, I will try to update this after chatting with the boys


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 13 Wednesday Ingelby Arncliffe to Wherever we are now

Day 13 – not too many more to go. We are now in a daily routine, almost like going to work. Get up, have breakfast, pack the bags, boots on and out walking.

It will be strange when it ends. Overnight we recharge the batteries, but each day takes out a little more than the overnight charge.

Much more interesting today and tough. 11.5 miles up and down 5 or 6 hills of the Cleveland range. Each of them had quite severe climbs and descents. Lovely and sunny, but a biting northerly wind, but not enough to deter two hard boys.

This was back to familiar territory as we have been walking here in the summer. It was like joining the lines together.

From the top of the hills could see the chemical works and refineries on the east coast, we could not see the sea but we are getting there!!

Last hill was up and over the Wainstones. Some people were climbing, with ropes and helmets. But us boys were up and over with nothing more than a bobble hat.

Interesting accommodation this evening, which we are not prepared to comment on until we have long gone!!!!

Watch this space!!!

Dunc and Peter

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 12 Brompton to Ingleby Arncliffe

We are smarting from readers criticisms that our days revolve around beer, chips and daytime TV. What do arty farty designers know anyway?

Easier to be lyrical about the lake district, bit more difficult about flat fields, farm tracks, friesan cows and sheep. But we will try to keep our followers entertained. I feel quite sorry for anyone who is following this rubbish anyway, you might think about getting out a little more. Why not get yourself a couple of jigsaws from a charity shop. It would be more fun than following this lot.

Been looking at the statistics. More than 1500 hits, there must be some sad people out there. Hits from all over the world, West and Eastern Europe, Australia, India, South Africa, UAE, USA, Mexico. If you are one of these, please email us we would like to hear from you

Well here is our day, up early as we had 18 miles in front of us. Both had poached eggs on toast, cannot face another full English (that’s the last food mention).

As we left our evening resting place at daybreak, Dunc was struck my a poetic moment and rested on style to pen these few words of verse.

Just Another Special Day.
Slowly the sun rises

As night melts into day

Full of promise and excitement

Wonderment and surprise

I watch the stars fade

As the sky comes alive

Velvet black shades to bright cyan blue

A rosy disc edges brightly

It was gonna be a long day, so we clogged on as fast as we could. Usual arrangement Dunc in front leading the way and map reading, GB 20 yards behind taking photos now and again. GB manages to carry crisps in his pack whilst Dunc has to carry fruit, cakes, coffee flask and anything else heavy.

What do you talk about on the 12th day that you have not talked about already? The beauty of short term memory loss is that we both cannot remember what we talked about a few days ago, so we recycle.

Elevenses was at Danby Whiske, perched ourselves on the seat outside the pub. The landlord cam out to chat, the pub had had a bad press both from Wainwright and Julia Bradbury. He has recently taken over and refurbished, now looking good. Starting chatting to his wife and mother in law, who both came from York. His mother in law knew Dunc’s dad, having lived in the same area during the war.

The rest of the walk was head down and keep going, field after field, lane after lane. Finally came to the A19 dual carriageway. The only way across is to run like hell. Pretty scary at 4pm in the rain.

Another 18 miles ticked off not the most picturesque part of the journey. Photos are of cows and fields.

If you are still with us, thanks.

Dunc and Geordie Boy
PS Going to pub at 7pm for beer and chips

Monday, 18 October 2010

Day 11 Richmond to Brompton on Swale

A very short day, a recharging the batteries day. Only 5 miles, hardly worth putting the boots on.

Joined by Stuart and the ever entertaining Shirley, they not only walked with us to Brompton but also back to Richmond for their car.

Arrived just as the pub opened and had compulsory couple of pints and pub lunch. Retired for the afternoon to watch Flog It.

Early to bed tonight, up and out early, 20 miles at least it is all flat.

Hope you are still following, but do not understand why?

Dunc and Peter

Day 10 Sunday Reeth to Richmond

A nice steady day, just 10 miles not too many climbs. Weather kind sunny and warm. Good day to be joined by Pete's daughter Jen.

Pleasant and uneventful although the box would have been useful today.

Mr and Mrs Cuthbert set off to meet us from Richmond, armed with a city centre map of Richmond from the tourist information centre. Difficult to understand how they missed us with such comprehensive information. I think they may have gone on the section after Richmond rather than before.

Pauline met us at the Black Lion, fresh back from clubbing in Ibiza. All had a meal together. Mr and Mrs C joining us on our short walk tomorrow.

Dunc and Peter

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 9 Saturday Keld to Reeth

Coast 2 Coast

Mobile signals and internet access do not exist on the Pennines and in Swaledale.

Described as an easy section in the guide books. Two routes one along the river for wimps and the other along the high ground for real men.

Wish we had taken the river route.

The high ground was a slog, in wind and rain. Through the lead mining and smelting ruins of Victorian industry. We only passed through it, did not have to work there day after day.

Map reading skills deserted us today. For the first time GB showed some petulance when he disagreed with Dunc’s (correct) decision making.

Not too many photos today because one of us forgot to recharge the camera.

Have discussed what we will do when we have completed the walk and agreed to meet and discuss it at Christmas 2012.

Reached Reeth for the football results. Then Jen, Geordie Boy’s daughter, arrived to brighten things up. This being the first time we have felt weary.

Bed by the end of Strictly.