Saturday, 23 October 2010

Day 16 Grosmont to Robin Hood's Bay

We only had internet access for 5 minutes in Grosmont, so have not seen the blog for 2 days. It seems it was hijacked on day 14, with some great stuff – Trot what hidden talents you have.

Anyway we have finished, Geordie Boy has left me and returned to Chester. We have arranged to meet up again at Christmas 2012.

First the daily log, worst weather of the whole journey. We have been so lucky, we cannot complain of one day of cold, wind and torrential rain. Still had 14 miles to do, it was wet and boggy. But had a welcome break at the Foss Falls Tea Room, met two lovely ladies – who will now say something nice if they post a comment!

The last couple of miles are on the coastal clifftop, it was tough in gale force winds. When we got to Robin Hood’s Bay there was a great welcoming committee. I really am grateful to Pip and Paul for making the long journey to meet us. Also Jen, Mark, Shirley and Pauline – and for our gifts.

The sea was high and the slipway where you traditionally dip feet in the North Sea was roped off. We went over the rope only to be hit by a large wave. Also threw our stone from St Bees beach into the sea.

After the usual beer in Wainwright’s Bar, we all returned home.

Well that’s it we did it. Both of us cannot believe we have done it, and how good we feel.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the blog and to those who have posted comments. It has been fun for us and we thank you for the company.

If you are thinking of doing the Coast to Coast our advice is: Plan it, Book it, Train for it and do it. Its worth it.

There are no photographs today, cos Peter has taken the camera home. Will post some later, and hopefully a posting from Peter.

But as the say at the end of Loony Tunes

That’s all Folks!



  1. What a great experience. If you are thinking about doing it. Just do it!!! An important decision is to choose the right person to do it with. Duncan insulted me and every one else we met along the way!!! What a laugh. He was a great companion to share this journey. Our spirits were always high, even when were tired and lost, or up to the waist in a bog. Thanks mate. Looking foreward to next year's challenge Peter

  2. Here are the pictures from the last day

  3. Awww, those photos are lovely. What a fabulous thing to be able to look back on. Well done both of you.

    Little cups are sweet.

  4. Well done Dunc and Pete a great achievement! Very proud of you both and thanks for taking us all long with was a great experience, and what your walk also did was to bring out the literary skills in us followers as we waxed lyrical about your exploits. Dunno what I'm going to do now. Just watched one of your videos from the lake district...probably the best footage I've seen of UFO's since Close Encounters! The pink and blue dots circling in the sky...amazing stuff! Probably buggered off after that and did a crop circle!
    See you soon Dunc! Love, Trot x

  5. Thanks Trot. It was a lucky day when you telephoned looking for a distributor. Call in soon the kettle will be on.


  6. Peter

    Steady on Smithy. Remember we are British and don't go for showing our emotions so openly. It was a great couple of weeks and will always be remembered.

    I would not have done it without you. Although I did not see much of you, I always new you were somewhere behind me.

    I would have done it with you without the grant.