Friday, 22 October 2010

Day 15 Blakey Ridge to Grosmont

Got to be a very quick initial posting. Arrived Grosmont Guest House, no wifi and no phone signal. However if we rush we can get to Grosmont Bookshop before it closes we can update.

Another bright sunny, but cold day from Blakey across the moors into Fryup Dale. Tom and Gill Barnes had arranged to meet us in the pub at Glaisdale. This being 9 miles from Blakey. We arrived right on schedule at 12.30.

After the usual beers and chips for lunch we set off on the final leg of the day to Grosmont. After about 200 yards we had the surprise of meeting Liz and Mal Greaves coming to meet us from the other direction.

So it was great to have company for the last 4 miles, all aches and moans forgotten – good to have somebody else to talk to! A bonus at Grosmont where there are steam trains. Dunc and Tom could go back to their childhood days of trainspotting and “cabbing”.

In haste to get to the Bookshop.

Last night, tomorrow Robin Hood’s Bay.

Dunc and Pete


  1. Tell us your ETA for arriving at RHB,
    We intend to drive up and be there for photo's

  2. Trust the last leg of the journey went well and there were twenty thousand people there to greet you both at the finish line!!. Well done and the warm and welcoming fairways of the Algarve are calling you over for some well deserved R&R!!!!. Cheers D&S

  3. Congratulations to you both. Dorothy and I have enjoyed reading your blog. You did really well and we loved the photos.
    Brian Wallis