Friday, 29 October 2010

Post Script

Its all over, back at work and normality.
Is becoming a memory and difficult to believe it was us that did it. We were so lucky in many ways.
The weather the week before we went was dreadful and this week has again been wet and miserable.
For our two weeks the sun shone on the righteous, apart from the last day. Also as we were so late in the year we had the walk to ourselves, often we did not see any other people all day. I do not think it would have been as enjoyable if we had been part of a procession of walkers. We were turning the lights off behind us.
Because of age related memory loss, and because I can we have decided to make a book of our adventure. This will be both a printed book and an Ebook! This new technology does not frighten me (much).
So if anyone is now shy about any of their rude or cruel comments, let me know now.


  1. Duncan,
    With a prose style as delightful as in your short postscript, together with the beautiful photographs of the journey, make the forthcoming book a joy to anticipate; put me down for one.


  2. You can use my pics, if you want higher res versions let me know.
    You liked my poem best, didn't you?

  3. Could require censoring for those of a prudish disposition! Pip - I think we're way down the poetry prize list after Trot!

  4. Great to read your blog. I did the walk a few years ago myself and seeing your photos bought it all back again. Trouble is I've sort of forgotten the pain and now want to do it again. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.