Sunday, 17 October 2010

Day 9 Saturday Keld to Reeth

Coast 2 Coast

Mobile signals and internet access do not exist on the Pennines and in Swaledale.

Described as an easy section in the guide books. Two routes one along the river for wimps and the other along the high ground for real men.

Wish we had taken the river route.

The high ground was a slog, in wind and rain. Through the lead mining and smelting ruins of Victorian industry. We only passed through it, did not have to work there day after day.

Map reading skills deserted us today. For the first time GB showed some petulance when he disagreed with Dunc’s (correct) decision making.

Not too many photos today because one of us forgot to recharge the camera.

Have discussed what we will do when we have completed the walk and agreed to meet and discuss it at Christmas 2012.

Reached Reeth for the football results. Then Jen, Geordie Boy’s daughter, arrived to brighten things up. This being the first time we have felt weary.

Bed by the end of Strictly.


  1. Chin up both of you. You're doing fantastic.

  2. Am loving your posts Dunc. You seem to be having a lot of fun, beautiful pics too. Shame about the weather but i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it gets better. Take care and try not to fall in too many bogs! Rhi x

  3. Hi Rhiannon

    Thanks for watching, really good to hear from you.

    Lots of luv


  4. Amazing what two old grumpy men can achieve!, keep on trucking (or something like that), enjoying the coverage, from your friends in a sunny and warm Algarve!! D&S

  5. You've emerged from the bogs! Paul and I were starting to think you had been abducted by aliens! Sounds like Paula was right...Lands End next?

  6. “We welcome all” what a nice door sign. You must be having a magical time, which is more than can be said for Paul Daniels

  7. Rather you than me Geordie Boy, has he found any good looking sheep yet?

    Steve E

  8. Hi Dunc, just wondering what to write, Mick suggests to say "it must be Pete with the most staying power" "oh! do you think so" says I, he says "must have, to put up with Dunc for so long on his own". Well done Dunc hope your'e enjoying your trip. Love Molly

  9. Dave and Sylvia

    Thanks for following the blog. Could do with some R & R in a warmer climate , like Portugal, after this ordeal with Bealie Peter