Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 13 Wednesday Ingelby Arncliffe to Wherever we are now

Day 13 – not too many more to go. We are now in a daily routine, almost like going to work. Get up, have breakfast, pack the bags, boots on and out walking.

It will be strange when it ends. Overnight we recharge the batteries, but each day takes out a little more than the overnight charge.

Much more interesting today and tough. 11.5 miles up and down 5 or 6 hills of the Cleveland range. Each of them had quite severe climbs and descents. Lovely and sunny, but a biting northerly wind, but not enough to deter two hard boys.

This was back to familiar territory as we have been walking here in the summer. It was like joining the lines together.

From the top of the hills could see the chemical works and refineries on the east coast, we could not see the sea but we are getting there!!

Last hill was up and over the Wainstones. Some people were climbing, with ropes and helmets. But us boys were up and over with nothing more than a bobble hat.

Interesting accommodation this evening, which we are not prepared to comment on until we have long gone!!!!

Watch this space!!!

Dunc and Peter


  1. Tsk! Paul spent ages getting rid of your email addresses to fool the viagra peddlars! You must be getting desperate.

  2. Oops never thought about that, will amend.


  3. It had to happen, you have stayed at the wrong place, should have stayed with the and not the .com, always wary of Hotel web sites without bedroom pictures, anyway for those not keeping up, they should be in Great Broughton, 152 miles since the start. Tonight they are in a Pub that sells to Old Perculiar's.

  4. Very apt indeed Paul - they are sharing a room!