Thursday, 21 October 2010

Approaching the end of a Journey

Journey, everyone’s on a Journey, even the Strictly Contestants.

Anyway our duo are nearing the end of the story so far, their last night together will be in Grosmont at the Hollins Lodge. (Unless they have booked somewhere in Whitby?)

Then they should walk on the Saturday 23rd October the classic route to Robin Hood’s Bay. 
I will confirm this.......

Anyone wanting to join in the custom of walking into the Sea will be welcome.

Walk is around 14 miles, so at the beach by 3pm maybe, I will try to update this after chatting with the boys



  1. Is this not in your white book?! I was planning on parking up in the bay and following the walk up to meet you along the you think they'll have a tourist map of Robin Hood's bay?

    Can't wait to see you both again - good luck on not killing each other before Saturday..


  2. I've just read that in 1991, the route was run in 39 hours 36 minutes and 52 seconds by Mike Hartley..why has it taken you two so long?!

  3. Hi Jen. Stuart's tourist map of Richmond will probably better for you than it was for him and Shirley. Dunc and I plan to have a go at the record by running back when we finish. Looking foreward to seeing you


  4. Gentlemen many congratulations on your coast to coast walk, the blog and pictures are fantastic, I have been silently following your blog.
    Well done 'geordie boy' Its your new nick name at the Golf Club

  5. We would love to have been there to share a drink at the end of your epic slog - unfortunately other family matters, and a booking for "Blood Wedding in Wensleydale", keep us in Hunton tomorrow. But, well done anyway - we'll toast you with a couple of beers in ab sentia.
    Ian (and Ruby)