Thursday, 21 October 2010

Day 14 Thursday: Great Broughton to Blakey Ridge

Our overnight accommodation last night was interesting, run by a lovely guy called Dave. However he is not your typical ‘mine host’.

He was great, picked us up and returned to the walk as well as taking us to the pub and back. He was well hard! We had on three layers of wicking, windproof coats and gloves. Dave had a short sleeved T shirt.

On familiar territory for us, easy walking on the bed of the old Rosedale Railway spur. Sun shining but the wind cut you in half. Got to Blakey by lunchtime, there can be nowhere better to spend an afternoon than the Lion on Blakey Ridge. The rooms are great, long radox soaks for both of us, (separate baths, separate rooms!).

The miles are catching up on the legs, but there is certainly another 30 miles left in them. We talked about what we would do on Sunday, it will be strange not having to put boots on.

Thanks to Paul (webmaster) for his posting and everyone else in cyber land for supporting us. It would be great to see anyone who can make it to Robin Hood’s Bay. If we have any money left, we will buy you a half.

The bar of The Lion is now calling us.

Dunc and Geordie Boy


  1. And now, the end is near,
    And so we face the final curtain.
    My friends, we'll say it clear;
    We'll state our case of which we’re certain.

    We've lived a life that's full -
    We've hiked each and every highway.
    And more, much more than this,
    We did it our way.

    Regrets? We've had a few,
    But we’ve agreed, not to mention.
    We did what we had to do
    And it passed through, with some exertion.

    We planned each charted course -
    Each careful step along the byway,
    And more, much more than this,
    We did it our way.

    Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew,
    When we drank more beer than we should do,
    But through it all, when there was doubt,
    We ate our chips and spat them out.
    We scoffed them all and we stood tall
    And did it our way.

    We've loved, we've laughed and cried,
    We've had our fill - our share of boozing.
    But now, as tears subside,
    My blisters oooozing.

    We did it our way!

    Trot Sinatra x

  2. Hello! Sorry if I join late your journey, but I wanted to see you in the last part of the trip... and anyway, I was busy playing pool... (jok).
    It´s so good see you on the tracks and see you doing well. I´m sure it´s been a great adventure for you guys. I send my best wishis from Ibz, and tonight I will drink a pint of Guinness for both of you!!.


  3. Stuart, I think I'm going to actually die laughing...

  4. pint awaits ye at the golf club smithie

    bring your washing and anything you need cleaning.

    you seen the state of my hands have yer?
    Spanish is coming on well apparently wishie washie is now a quite acceptable term in your gaff!!

  5. How impressed am I, Duncan’s blogging while Nigella has her best Jug’s in use.

    I didn’t think that there would be any Tinter Net access at the Lion, which for those who don’t know is the place those poor souls were stranded in the snow for nearly two weeks

    I was expecting to teach Peter how to use a telephone, but the thought of explaining that the B button was no longer required to connect was always going to be tricky.

    I was going to do the Frank song on the last day, but as usual the Trot gets it in first, must be a Bologna theme

    Sunday just take the dogs a walk

  6. Well, Mr Trotter, don't give up your day job....
    Oh no, that is your day job!!!!

  7. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes!

  8. Hmmmm...I presume having walked a mile in their shoes one would have to criticize them by phone! Text or e-mail (iphone's or blackberrys)
    would be a bit of a cop out...but voice mail would be ok, if for example there's no signal up on the moors...they could pick it up later when the signal becomes stronger as they hobbled ( cos one has their shoes ) on their way!...If you get my drift?
    But then I hear you ask...if they haven't got a signal, how come you have? Well, they would probably be with 02, who are crap, but you would have Vodaphone, which can have better coverage!
    I hope I've made myself clear? Trot x

  9. .....Arrhem

    There were two old men from York,
    Who decided to go on a walk,
    They took some wine,
    To drink during this time,
    But became too weak to take out the cork!!!

  10. Trot! I think age has finally brought your brain cell count down to a manageable size!

  11. What's this, Pip's Poetry corner?...I'd stick with photography...
    Trot x (-:

  12. Oi, Cathi, what's this, get at Trot day!
    Everyone's ganging up on me!
    It's not age, it's walking the bloody coast to coast, virtually ( as opposed to physically )...and trying to come up with meaningful content ( I think I got that line off Paul! ). (-: x

  13. ......Arrhem!!!!!

    Once there were two old farts,
    Who argued and bickered like tarts.
    They ate pies and drank ale,
    Through valley and dale,
    But their blog has captured our hearts.

  14. .....Arrhem!!!!!

    Whilst walking from sea to sea,
    They desperately wanted a wee,
    Called Geordie and Dunc,
    They'd gone and got drunk,
    And now couldn't find a tree!

    Trot Wordsworth x

  15. You're right Trot - it's really all Paul's fault!

  16. .....Arrhem!!!!!

    Two old coggers called Duncan and Pete,
    Walked so far they couldn't feel their feet,
    Drank to much beer and ate fish cooked in Lard,
    Got far to rowdy and then got barred,
    Then shared a room with only one bed and a sheet!

  17. Pete was on the left side,
    Dunc was on the right,
    The loo was on the left side,
    Duncan had to s***e,
    Climbing from the right side,
    over Pete whose on the left,
    As Duncans legs spread open wide,
    A f**t came from his cleft!
    'Ye dorty bastard', Pete exclaimed,
    and nipped his nose in haste,
    'Tis the last time I sleep with you, you ****!'
    He exlaimed with much distaste!

  18. Geordie and Dunc did the shore to shore ,
    Now on their way home to regale and bore.
    While trying to get thin,
    They indulged in more sin,
    Than a haggard old Amsterdam whore.

    .....Paula, where are you?

  19. I'm just releasing my pent up literary juices! xxx

  20. I thought I'd log on and look
    to see if our Dunc has got stuck
    But all that I can see
    is lots of 'bloody' poetry
    So I'm not making it into a book!!

  21. .....Arhemmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

    St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay,
    It's a very, very long way.
    They started off straight,
    But just couldn't wait,
    And ended the journey being gay!

  22. I'm right here....put the lids back on the glue people.

    Two gimmers from the north
    West to east, they set forth
    On a trek they would never forget.

    “Tally ho!” Says our Dunc
    After sharing that bunk
    “Geordie Boy, now my true Geordie Pet”

    Geordie Boy looked forlorn
    Bloody Dunc and his horn
    He’ll need more than a fag... and yet

    With his boots and that hat
    Carpet burns from the mat
    East to west’s on the cards... I’ll bet

  23. :-) It's you and Trot on the glue!

  24. This blog has possessed us...don't you see, it's turning into Viz! (-: xxx

  25. Dunc and Pete could save a great deal of time by getting the bus to Robin Hoods Bay, but walking up and down the aisle all the way there. They'll still have walked it, just quicker. It's called initiative!
    Trot x

  26. Aaaahem........

    When Geordie Boy needed a piddle.
    Privacy was rather a fiddle.
    According to rumour,
    His tool had a tumour,
    And a fine row of warts down the middle!