Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Day 6 Shap to Orton

Shap is not an inspiring village/town. Its only claim to fame is it has the highest open air swimming pool and the M6 by passed it. Stayed at the Greyhound Hotel, which like the town is tired.

This was an extra day we put in, most people go from Shap to Kirby Stephen, about 20 miles. We thought that it might be a bit much for us aged gimmers, and I am glad we did. Just 8 miles to the lovely village of Orton and a great B and B.

Resting now after our Radox moment (separate Radox moments!)

An uninspiring day after the Lakes, crossed the M6 which does not have the same effect as Kidsty Pike. We have been spoilt in the Lakes, the walking is easier but moor land and farmers fields are not as inspiring as fells and lakes.

65 miles done just 130 to go!

Dunc and Peter


  1. I did Patterdale to Shap a few years ago, and I couldn't agree more, that leaving the lakes and the trek to Shap is an anti climax. I should imagine once over the M6, things should pick up again.
    You're looking good though Dunc...go Dunc go!

  2. Geordie boy looks a bit like a dung beetle in that photo.

    Homeward bound 25/33 & the gimmer 2

  3. Thanks Paula, 2 guesses as who created the dung mound!!!!

  4. You're doing well Dunc, fantastic scenery - nice caravan crossing the M6! Keep up the good work all the effort will pay off you'll soon have a six pack!!