Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 5 Patterdale to Shap

Today was always gonna be a long day, It was also good bye to the Lake District.

Up and out by 7.30. It was a 16 mile marathon with the first 6 miles climbing. Was misty but soon climbed above the mist to give stunning views over the dales we had left. See photos.

Climbed up to and along Kidsty Pike, we were walking on top of the world. Lucky enough to see a herd of deer across the fell, and to hear the stags bellowing. Am becoming almost lyrical, may start writing poetry soon. Watch your step Wordsworth.

Dropped down and walked the length of Haweswater, to be met by Baz Dunn who had come to meet us and escort us back the last few miles to Shap. Now all three of us are together on our third pint in the Greyhound. We may be able to stay up tonight beyond the end of The One Show.

Dunc Geordie Boy and Baz


  1. Sounds like you're still enjoying it, and that's what its all about.

    Is that the mist in the photo?

    Keep safe, and I really hope Geordie Boy has the pebble...

    See you soon

  2. Superb pictures! Are you still trying to figure out that GPS thingie Dunc?!!!

  3. Well, my general peril fretometer is in bunny rabbit mode today. Not sure if it's your epic journey or the Chile Mine rescue (7/33), at least your pictures are different every day, which are getting better and better, why are you not wearing shorts?

  4. Ian & Ruby T15 October 2010 at 16:06

    Hi Duncan and his handsome mate,
    Ruby and I are full of admiration over your rate of progress, the amusing detailed daily account and your superb pictures (put together they would be worthy of a self-published slim volume - I know a firm that does that sort of thing!) I see that Paul, one of your supporters, asks why you are not wearing shorts; while I wonder why there are no pictures of the two of you apres hike each day - hobnobbing in the pubs, cafes and B&Bs wearing appropriate T-shirts. All the best to you both for the rest of the journey.