Saturday, 16 April 2011

Dunc and Geordie Boy in the footsteps of Romans


Geordie Boy and Dunc are ready for the first outing of 2011. Compared to our epic Coast to Coast journey last October, we are starting with no more than a gentle stroll. We are walking the length or is it the width of Hadrian’s Wall, a mere 90+ miles from the west coast near Carlisle to Newcastle.

We would love it if you would join us, even better if you would send comments. The more humorous and offensive the better. I hope we can have some fun together – at our expense.

We have both wintered well, our fitness levels have not deteriorated. We have bodies of men half our age. During the winter months we have had long periods of abstinence from beer. Often for several days. Although there have been times where we have been tempted off the path of temperance and have drunk to excess. We have exercised regularly and have followed a regime of celibacy, unfortunately, the latter has been involuntary.

Why Hadrian’s Wall and why now I hear you ask. The Wall is at the heart of Geordie Land, the spiritual home of Geordie Boy. You will find it hard to believe from the photos we are posting that Geordie Boy is still in his 50s, well until Wednesday when he reaches 60.

On Good Friday, all being well the son of Geordieland will be marching into Newcastle. All we need is a donkey. All over the week end Geordie Boy will be lavishing his friends and family with food, drink and accommodation. His generosity and pockets are of unlimited depth. 

The walk actually started today, Saturday. Geordie Boy and his gorgeous daughter Jen helped the old man on the first stretch from the Coast to Carlisle. Will post details of this stretch later.

Dunc who is still a captain of industry has been delivering the ‘key note’ speech to the assembled masses at the Scarborough Literary festival. As soon as this was finished and the applause subsided I was whisked away by helicopter aged Ford Fiesta to the railway station to catch a train to Carlisle. This is now been drafted on the train.

Tomorrow we walk in the footsteps of Romans and stick two fingers up to the ginger haired Scots on the other side.


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  1. Hi Dunc - I am told walking can add minutes to your life. So,when you are 85 you will be able to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at £4,000 per month. Keep working mate. Andrew Lindsay (I've had to post this as anonymous cos I cant work out how to do it properly!!)