Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 3 Golden Fleece to Haltwhistle

Hello our loyal followers. As I tell all our publishing clients nobody buys if they don’t know its exists. Same with our blog, we have not told anybody we have resurrected it so I suspect our followers are few. We have our loyal followers so we will have quality rather than quantity.

Did not have much enthusiasm to post. The walking landscape was pretty boring and uninspiring. However getting better and so enthusiasm is increasing. So am catching up with the postings and photographs.

The Golden Fleece is 4 miles form the Wall trail. Keith the landlord kindly give us a lift to the point where we left the walk. Thanks for the lift Keith and I wish you every success with whatever you and June do in the future.

Hadrian’s wall walk contravenes the trade descriptions act. Two and half days in and we had not even seen a brick or a stone! All we have seen is farmers fields and sheep. But all of sudden we came upon the wall, impressive but after you have seen one bit of wall you soon get pretty bored with it. Its only a bloody wall.

Did 18.5 miles, a long day and ended up in Haltwhistle, with mine host Peter at The Mount, bed and breakfast.

Where's that pig

So its my knob

The map says there is a gate near here

What no beer


  1. "The map says there is a gate near here" Classic!

  2. Nice pics Peter - and I clearly missed your birthday - happy belateds.
    Enjoy Easter