Monday, 18 April 2011

Day 2 Carlisle to Golden Fleece Ithrington

Soon after check out from the hotel Dunc and Geordie Boy had an auspicious gentleman’s moment. Fortunately, the facilities close to Carlisle Castle came to their rescue. The trip out of Carlisle was very pleasant following the river Eden, but this could have been Chester or York. Jen, Geordie Boy’s daughter kept them suitable entertained. The terrain was pleasant but not a wow factor. We still have not seen a brick of the wall never mind a lost Roman  legionnaire.  Geordie Boy’s sister Moira and brother in law Alan, collected them at a suitable point on the route to take them to their hotel which was 4 miles away.

We bid farewell to Geordie Boy’s family and over indulged in some very fizzy beer. After some afternoon rest the over indulgence continued. The pub was going through hard times and there was only one other customer. The worst thing happened, Dunc told a joke and the landlord and guest laughed. So Dunc was the entertainment officer for the next 3 hours.

Geordie Boy had seen it all before as well as many of the bloggers. Off to bed full of chips and beers.


  1. You may think you've got away with it but due to the fizzy stuff you are a day behind and short of photos! What happened to the charismatic leader?!

  2. Technical support here, we have re installed the how to do pictures into Duncan, so we can share more now. We could have a caption competition this year? I did a few to get us moving