Thursday, 21 April 2011

Day 6 Marfern to Wylam

Today was not an awe aspiring journey, walked along a B road for about 8 miles. Weather was great, finally found the river Tyne and walked to Wylam. Our topic of debate for today has been our walker’s diet. Although walking must burn calories I think we have been successful in exceeding our clarific burn off rates. Daily diet consists of full English breakfast, morning break consisting of coffee biscuits and cake, lunch a couple of pints and bar meal, often a cake in the afternoon, evening meal several pints, or more plus pub meal.

Last day tomorrow, looking forward to sophisticated evening down Ocean Road South Shield tomorrow. 


  1. Have I missed this walk fest, or you still on it?
    Love, the Trot! (-: x

  2. Oh, just read...'last day tomorrow'..bollocks! )-: