Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 5 Wall to Matfern

Today is Geordie Boy’s 60th birthday. We opened all his card at breakfast, but then he had a couple of presents to open. Late start as we did not have too far to go, or so we thought.

Another day of wall to wall sunshine, but the walk was fairly boring and monotonous. Walking in fields alongside a main road.

Think we would have struggled if it had been a long day with lots of hills. The last couple of days have taken a fair bit out of our legs. Time for leisurely pint and bar snack.

Should have been only 6 miles but was nearer 9. Arrived at Matfern High House to find it decked out in bunting, flags and balloons for Geordie Boys Birthday. The owners Struan and Jennie kindly arranged a great welcome and big chocolate cake, which we have over indulged on.


  1. Happy 60th Pete.
    Richie Carole Jen and Chris.

  2. Hi Dunc
    Happy Birthday, Pete. Looks like you had trouble getting near enough to the cake with that many candles on it!

  3. Happy belated Birthday Peter, watching your progress from a very hot Georgia in the US!! D&S

  4. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day. Keep those little legs going, your both doing fantastic! Have a great weekend. With love from over the Pond. xx